The Knights of the Damned

The Chorley Show is proud to announce its spectacular main event

The Knights of the Damned

Black Knight


Led by Television and Film Stuntman, Justin Pearson, their jousting display boasts high speed action, skilful mounted knights and a fantastic colourful spectacle for all the family.

The Knights provide a Medievil show full of exciting stunts and horsemanship built up from having performed at major venues throughout Britain and Europe since 1990. They are also stuntmen from the big screen with credits such as the Da Vinci Code, The Golden Compass, Batman The Dark Knight and the forthcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Jousting Fall

Consisting of heroic mounted knights and their squires, the tournament begins with fanfares and introductions and ends with the dramatic thundering of hooves as the knights attempt to unhorse each other in the ‘JOUST’.

Watch as the knights hone their skills by striking the man-shaped target, the quintain, and attempt to spear peasants heads off the ground at speed. The show also boasts superbly choreographed foot fights with unmercilous swords, flaming fireballs on chains and unyielding quarterstaffs as well as the knights romantically accepting favours from the ladies and fighting for their honour.



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