Why do we do it?

So why do our volunteers have such energy for the Show?

There must be as many answers to this question as there are volunteers! However, reasonable guesses include:



  1. because we have tremendous fun designing and delivering the Show
  2. because it is very rewarding to see our visitors enjoying a really great day out at the Show
  3. the overriding reason is, however, that:

each year we devote the entire proceeds of the show to support our local ‘good causes’

Chorley Show 2009 enabled us to distribute £6,000;
£2000 each to Stottesdon Primary School, to Chorley Family Playgroup and to Chorley Village Hall. Details of the uses made of these welcome grants will be posted here soon, so that everyone can see the impact that the Show makes!

For 2010 we will continue this ‘good work’

Volunteers at Chorley Show


Chorley Show 2011 will again be supporting local initiatives:
- additional improvement works at Chorley Village Hall
- further contribution to Willowdene Farm welfare funds
- create arts fund to bring live performance to Village Hall
- explore potential for providing festive meal for our seniors

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