Craft & Produce

in association with Stottesdon and District WI


Craft, Cookery and Gardening Show

Entries accepted between 10.00 – 11.25 am on the day only
Judging to start at 11:30 am – Entry fee 25p per item per class

Family Effort

Craft and Gardening
Class 1 A Castle Garden on a Tray

Childrens Classes

Chorley Craft Show


Class 2 Under 7 years A Medieval Weapon
Class 3 7-11 years A Medieval Hat
Class 4 Under 7 years A Horse made from Vegetables
Class 5 Under 7 years A Decorated Fairytale Princess
Class 6 7-11 years 5 Lemon Curd Tarts


Chorley Craft Show


Class 7 A Photo of a Castle
Class 8 A Dragon (any medium)
Class 9 A Treacle Tart
Class 10 6 Bread Rolls (any recipe)
Class 11 A Bottle of Herb Oil


Chorley Craft Show


Class 12 A Nosegay of Sweet Smelling Herbs
Class 13 5 Sweet Peas
Class 14 A Cucumber
Class 15 3 Courgettes
Class 16 3 Potatoes
Class 17 3 Onions (dressed or undressed)
Class 18 3 Beetroot
Class 19 5 Tomatoes
Class 20 5 Runner Beans
Class 21 5 Eggs

Spoon Puppets
Spoon Puppets from a previous year’s show

Junk Monsters
Winners from the under 8’s Junk Monster category

in association with Stottesdon and District WI<br />

In association with Stottesdon and District WI

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